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Irish Xerox Copiers Can Now Translate Text?

Believe it or not, yes you read that correctly. There is a big demand for copiers in Ireland, with business all over the country, from big cities such as Dublin and Cork, to small towns all needing to get their hands on fantastic copier software. With the recent Xerox intelligence, the Google search for ‘Copiers Ireland’ has abundantly increased as now your Irish copier can save you even more time and has expertise that you office might currently be missing!

Copiers Ireland – Their Newest Innovations

Xerox has introduced a new technology to their copiers that now enables them to translate text into a different language – that’s right, your Irish photocopier can now translate from English into French, vice versa and so much more.

Of course, with everything there is a catch. Though your Irish copiers may be able to translate, this does come as a cost. Xerox give you your first 30 copier translations for free, but after that, if you want your copiers to translate for you it will cost you! Though it can be costly, it can certainly save you money with respect to pay, as it saves a lot of time that your employees would otherwise spend translating.

Other Benefits of Irish Copier Technology

Though Xerox’s new copier technology may not be feasible for all companies, it is certainly an interesting innovation. With that said, Irish copiers already offer a multitude of advantages, particularly when paired with Xerox. These advantages include time management, saving money on paper output (fantastic for both your company and the environment), saving you money on employee wages and enabling your employees to be more focused on other, important tasks that they specialise in.

Overall, it has to be said that copiers technology is a huge benefit to any Irish company!

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