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Types of Printers and Their Benefits at NBM Ireland

Here at NBM, we are passionate about bringing you the best quality printing machines that you will find.

Whether you are a small restaurant, a large multinational firm, a local accountants or a different type of organisation, you are bound to need a printer. Like people, printers come in an array of shapes and sizes and different models can be best for you and your business, depending on your needs.

Here’s a quick look into the types of printer that we have for you at NBM:

Office Printers:

Office printing usually is not too heavy duty, yet it is still necessary. We can’t think of any office that can function without having a printer at hand. That said, you need to decide whether you would like your printer to be a colour or just black & white printer.

Generally speaking, you are best to go with a colour printer. Granted, you may not need to print in colour several times a day, but it can save you a lot of hassle when you do to have a colour printer in the office. It is obviously cheaper to run a black & white printer, but colour printer do have the edge. If your office is larger enough to demand more than one printer, then it could be useful to have one that only prints black & white and one that prints in colour. This will ensure that you get the best of both worlds.

Multifunction Printers:


These printers allow you to scan, photocopy and print. They are larger machines and cost more to purchase and run. These printers are a God send to any office. They allow heavy workloads and are efficient and invaluable in offices where there tends to be a lot of paperwork.

Production Printers & Digital Press:


These machines are used for high speed and volume printing. They work hard and fast and are extremely efficient. If you print a lot in your workplace then this is the model that you need to look into. These printers generally come only in black & white as for such large print loads you would not be using colour.

There is a huge array of printing machines to choose from, but in order to make the correct choice you need to correctly identify your business and your needs. For help on deciding what is for you then click on our products page or visit us in store.