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The Benefits of Managed Print Services for SMEs

Managed print services is an industry that is continuing to have massive growth. Though the industry has matured, its growth is still as strong, if not stronger than ever, showing the importance of managed print services in business today. This is no doubt due to the fact that managed print services save companies time and money.

In our current market, over half of large businesses are using managed print services. In fact, this number grows even larger when we address the biggest businesses. SMEs are falling behind in this respect, with many of them not yet realising the benefits of managed print services to SMEs.

Benefits of Managed Print Services for SMEs

  • Many SMEs feel that managed print services are an extra cost, but what they don’t realise is that they actually save your business money.
  • Studies have shown that over 75% of SMEs rely on printing for the majority of their business activities, yet maintain a DIY approach – this costs them time and money, but directly and indirectly by print maintenance costs.
  • Channel providers of managed print services will help your business by providing proper support in a timely manner that suits your small business.
  • Managed print services bring with them a flexibility also. This allows you to have them managed no matter what your company works on, be that on premise or via using cloud.

SMEs shy away from managed print services because they fear the costs, or they don’t understand the cost and time pay-offs that they will achieve if they employ them. It is therefore up to providers like us to help you understand what managed print services can help you save. If you are an SME, even if you are wary, contact managed print service providers and ask what they can do for you. We promise you that this will help your business.

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