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How managed print solution can benefit your business?

Managed Print Solutions are essential to ensuring you control your print costs within your organization. A good print management control system can provide control, information and savings. Here are a few key points to assessing whether you need to have your print solution managed:

How much you spend annually on document output?

Typically in medium sized organisation document output can cost as much as 3% of company turnovers. Understanding this cost is critical to improving workflow as well as informing decision making and print strategy. Copiers, Scanners, Printers, faxes, CRM – all play a part of a company’s document workflow costs. Capturing this cost can result in more efficient print policy.

How many separate document output devices are used in your organisation each day?

There are many different devices involved in document workflow. Printers Copiers Scanners Faxes are some of the typical office hardware to be found in organisations. Others include finishing equipment like shredders, folders. All these devices have a cost to an organisation. It is important to understand where potential improvements can be made.

How each device is used?

Some devices will have a single function , for instance a scanner, will only scan documents. A printer will print etc. Some devices however combine functionality into what is called a multifunction machine. This type of device will typically perform more than one function. A MFP – Multi-function printer will allow companies to avail of multiple features ( Scanning , Printing , Copying and faxing). This is turn means there are less physical devices to service, therfore reducing the associated overheads.

How much it costs to operate each printer or copier?

Understanding the costs of a device is critical in deciding the best course of action to take when deciding on making document workflow changes inside an organisation. A device that prints exclusively colour documents on large paper sizes will cost much more to run than a device printing typical black and white office documents. This in turn has a cost that would be greater that operating a fax machine for example. The cost can reduce to only electrical when using a scanner as this does not produce a physical document.

How much you spend on print consumables and supplies?

This is an essential part of governing a print environment. Each device will have different associated costs. A printer will have a requirement for inks/toners, fusers, paper and other consumables. This is an important cost to consider. Maintaining supplies for ,multiple machine type can become expensive and hard to manage. Other devices may have service contracts or operate warranty only machines. Each type has differing costs but using this information on printers, copiers, scanners and faxes can help demonstrate the overall health of an organisations document workflow.


Whatever the requirements for an organisation, there is a machine to fit the purpose. It is only by understanding an organisations workflow can we truly choose the device most fit for purpose. The price of a machine is only a small part of the cost and process. The user count, functionality, maintenance and scalability of a print infrastructure is more important to understand when looking to make real savings in an organisation.

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